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RackersWine3rd Annual


January 14, 2017

Duck Creek Vineyard & Winery, Denmark, WI


  • Open exclusively to Green Bay Rackers members at this time.
  • Fees. $4.00 per entry. Limit of ONE entry per category. Checks should be made out to the GREEN BAY RACKERS. NO CASH! The Rackers are not responsible for lost entry fees or entries left at drop-off sites. Any entry lacking the appropriate fee will NOT BE JUDGED.

Wine - One (1) 750-ml bottle, no labels other than the required bottle label attached by ELASTIC BAND only (no tape or glue.) No restriction on cap/cork type. Sparkling examples are encouraged but not mandated to be in champagne-style bottles with safety cages. Champagne-style wine MUST be in champagne-style bottles with appropriate mushroom cork and safety cage.

Cider/Mead - One (1) 750-ml bottle OR two (2) 12 to 20 oz. beer bottles, no labels other than the required bottle label attached by ELASTIC BAND only (no tape or glue.) Ceramic-cap closures are allowed in this category. Crown caps shoudl be solid color or blacked out with permanent black marker. Sparkling examples are encouraged but not mandated to be in champagne-style bottles with safety cages.

  • Open to any individual or group home vintner(s) who is a member of the Green Bay Rackers. Professional vintners may not compete.
  • Entries must be brewed at home or non-commercial site. EXCEPTION: Amateur wine makers who are members of wine making clubs that ferment on the premises of a commercial winery are exempt from this rule. 
  • FREE must rule. Entries brewed at home where the juice was obtained from a commercial/craft brewery are not eligible for entry.



1) Grape wine, Red - made with only grapes, single variety or blended

2) Grape wine, White - made with only grapes, single variety or blended

3) Pear wine - made with only pears, single variety or blended

4) Stone fruit wine - made from SINGLE type of fruit which has a single stone as its seed

5) Berry fruit wine - made from SINGLE type of fruit which has multiple seeds, including strawberry

6) Vegetable wine - made from SINGLE type of vegetable root/tuber/rhizome, stem, leaves, or flower, includes TOMATO and DANDELION wines

7) Blended wine - made from ANY blend of different products

8) Fortified wine - any varietal or blended wine which is fortified through the addition of additional distilled spirits

9) Sparkling wine - any naturally or artificially carbonated wine product.


10) Standard - New World Cider

11) Standard - English Cider

12) Standard - French Cider

13) Standard - New World Perry

14) Standard - Traditional Perry

15) Specialty - New England Cider

16) Specialty - Cider with other fruit

17) Specialty - Applewine

18) Specialty - Ice Cider

19) Specialty - Cider with herbs/spices

15) Specialty - Specialty Cider/Perry


16) Traditional - Dry, Semi-sweet, Sweet

17) Fruit Mead - Cyser

18) Fruit Mead - Pyment

19) Fruit Mead - Berry mead

20) Fruit Mead - Stone fruit mead

21) Fruit Mead - Melomel

22) Spiced Mead - Fruit & spice mead

23) Spiced Mead - Spice, herb, or vegetable mead

24) Specialty Mead - Braggot

25) Specialty Mead - Historical

26) Specialty Mead - Experimental

Drop Off.

House of Homebrew410 Dousman St, Green Bay, WI 54303. December 1, 2016 - January 07, 2017. Please drop off during regular business hours. LATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.


Saturday  January 14, 2017 at 9:00 AM. Members are encouraged to attend for the judging. Awards to follow immediately after judging is completed. The Rackers reserve the right to judge flights earlier in the week if flight sizes warrant.

The American Wine Society judging criteria will be used. View the guidelines at American Wine Society.

Awards. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards for all groups in which there are at least four entries. In groups where there are less than four entries, the contest organizer shall determine how many awards there will be for that group.
Best of Show. The BOS round shall consist of a maximum of ten (10) wines.


The chief judge reserves the right to disqualify from judging and award eligibility any wine entered if a specialty additive is deemed by the judges to be offensive, blatantly inappropriate, or so overpowering that effective judging of the underlying wine is not possible. There will be no refunds for disqualified wines.


The Green Bay Rackers are solely responsible for the conduct of this contest. All leftover wine, and empty bottles become the property of the Green Bay Rackers. Entry into this competition shall constitute permission for the Rackers to publish all results on their website.

NEW FOR 2017

  • The dates for judging are moved back to January to better accommodate the holiday season schedules for our judges.
  • The Rackers club meeting will NOT be held in conjunction with the contest. There will be snacks and tasting following but not a formal club meeting.